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  • treasury-sec

    Govt rejects IMF plan to clip Treasury Secretary’s wings

    There have been two points of disagreement with the Fund’s medium-term recommendations relating to financial sector oversight, supervision and regulation.One was to develop an overall pension strategy and introduce a “robust supervisory and governance framework…


    Tempering the Pursuit of Profit

    (In the picture from left: Adrian Perera, Dilshan Rodrigo, Mukhlis Ismail, Suren Rajakarier, Surana Fernando) In firms that have not lost their entrepreneurial touch, risk takers are often highly rewarded and also often get the benefit of the doubt…

  • cbsl_governor

    Growth Now the Priority

    Like for most businesses – which had only marginal profit growth – 2012 is a year the Central Bank will be glad to see the back of. An obstinate and failed dollar peg policy resulted…

  • rates-around-the-world

    Cheap credit boosts growth, so why aren’t low rates the norm?

    In a global macroeconomic context of slow and cautious growth, Sri Lanka is unusually fortunate in that it is – if you will – serendipitously continuing to post strong GDP growth. But Sri Lanka is…

  • Banking-Sector-Outlook-2012---27-JAN-2012-3

    Out of Credit

    Central Bank imposed lending restrictions will start to severely impact growth and profitability of small and medium sized banks and raise borrowing costs for subprime customers during the rest of the year.