Fitness Fanatics Watch Out!

Sports-specific smart watches take the activity tracking craze a few notches up. These ones are available in Sri Lanka

By Avanti Samarasekera.

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Fitness tracking devices targeting amateur enthusiasts – counting the steps walked, calories burned and hours slept – have been on the market for some years. Popular fitness tracking products made by Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone have found a growing market of enthusiasts in the past few years. However, some people – because they are hardcore sports fanatics or due to an obsession with data – won’t find the toy like fitness tracking devices adequate. That’s the market catered for by the smart sports watch industry. Smart watches, specialized around sports or functions, are efficient and far more rugged than basic activity trackers. In Sri Lanka, a range of top brands are now available targeting most outdoor activities including scuba diving, running and triathlons.

Suunto-DX-Titanium-4443Suunto DX
Suunto’s DX range claims to be the world’s first watch-sized rebreather-compatible dive computer. Rebreathers re-circulate the air already used by the diver by replacing oxygen used by the diver and removing the carbon dioxide.

This watch is specifically designed for open circuit and rebreather divers. Combined with the new Suunto, Fused RGBM calculates decompression and provides information about how the body is coping with the dive. The DX range also looks good. The Suunto DX Silver Titanium is for flashy divers, while the Suunto DX Black Titanium looks like something that could have belonged to Batman. The range also has the Suunto DX Silver Elastomer made of premium material including a titanium case and sapphire crystal glass. Elastomer is just a refined word for rubber, and the straps can be stretched without breaking.

Price: Rs.159,530
Available at Glory Swim Shop
(Tel No : 011 2 553 555)



Garmin Forerunner 310XTGarmin_Forerunner_310XT2
Triathlons are catching on in Sri Lanka following the Ironman 70.3 held in 2012. The challenge with activity tracking triathlons is the combination of three different sports. The wristwatch leviathan like Garmin Forerunner 310XT is built for seamless performance tracking of swimming, cycling and running.

Its defining features include GPS tracking and the heart rate monitor that also works in the water. The 310XT uses ANT+, a wireless technology standard that allows your monitoring devices (like the heart rate monitor strapped around the chest) to communicate. An ANT+ heart rate strap can send data to a watch, a phone or computer that is ANT+ enabled.

Price: Rs.45,000
Available at Techinnovators
(Tel No: 011 2 850 547)



Samsung Gear Sgear-s-black
Recall the scene when Knight Rider speaks in to his wristwatch to communicate with his car? The Samsung Gear S is a step in that general direction. This wristwatch is also the odd one out in this selection because it isn’t a sports specific smart watch.

Samsung has basically put everything that needs a glance at the phone to deal with on to a watch face. Using 3G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Gear S lets calls be made and answered and sending messages on its tiny onscreen keyboard. The all round Gear S helps the fitness addict with GPS tracking and its S Health system.

Price: Rs.60,000
Widely available



S2473D40009_4343_01uunto Ambit3
Suunto’s first Bluetooth Smart compatible Ambit3 collection comes in two models Ambit3 Peak for adventure seekers and Ambit3 Sport for runners.

Sunnto has its own Movescount App that synchs to the sports watch to capture daily activity and workouts. The unit’s Bluetooth capability allows social media notifications and messages to be displayed on its screen although users have complained online about patchy Bluetooth performance.

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak (Sapphire) is GPS-enabled and has outdoor and multisport functions like
navigation, storm alarms and a 50-hour battery life. The Ambit3 Sport (Blue) features run, cycle and swim options, for tri-athletes. The watches also come packaged with a heart rate monitor that’s strapped across the chest.

Suunto Ambit3 Sport Blue: Rs.46,656          Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire: Rs.74,541
Available at Glory Swim Shop
(Tel No : 011 2 553 555)


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