Articles Posted March 2015

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    Sri Lanka Should Stop Surrendering Treasury Dollar Inflows to Central Bank to Help The Rupee

    Economics students are usually taught inflation through a simple model. If there are 10 rupees and two coconuts in the economy, a coconut will be priced at 5.00 rupees each. If an additional 5 rupees is printed, coconut prices will go up to 7.50…

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    The Squeezed Middle

    The middle class is hobbled by a disproportionately high tax burden. Now their distrust of the system blights an income group where aspirations usually thrive and values of hard work are advanced. The middle class is easily ignored.…

  • Nalaka_final

    Beyond RTI: Towards Open Government

    With that, we will at last catch up with nearly 100 countries that have introduced such progressive laws. Better late than never – but passing the law is only a beginning. Institutionalising it requires effort and funds. Continued vigilance…