Articles Posted December 2013

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    The 50 Most Powerful Women Part 3

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    The 50 Most Powerful Women Part 2

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    The 50 Most Powerful Women Part 1

    Every self-respecting firm is trying to improve the gender balance in their organization. Managers are now realizing that diversity can truly improve the quality of the decision at every level in firms. Of course the…

  • mudith

    All noise, no signal

    The Economist recently ran a contest inviting readers to submit captions. One of the winners was “All signal, no noise”. While the Economist remains one of the few publications that could attempt to justify such…

  • invest

    Protectionist syndrome

    Global Trade Alert, a monitoring service, has a world map on its website showing both protectionist and liberalising measures countries have taken. There have been some 400 new protectionist measures put in place each year…

  • orleans2

    New Orleans Gumbo City

    People call us a gumbo. It’s really important that we get focused on the very simple notion that diversity is a strength, it’s not a weakness. Mitch Landrieu – Mayor of New Orleans. Gumbo is…