Articles Posted May 2013

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    40 UNDER 40

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  • 40-under-40-top

    40 Under 40 Contd…

  • airline-industry

    Growing competition cuts airline premiums

    Asian and Middle Eastern airlines have made it a habit now of sweeping international awards for service excellence. Many of these Asian and Middle Eastern airlines have also flown against the industry trend of thin…

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    Making a business of a passion for fashion

    There are the people who, while watching a fashion show, remark on the freshness of the approach of the designer, the cohesiveness of the collection, and the wearability of a piece. They’ll look at whether…

  • travel

    Red Robes, Cotton Wool & Ice Cream!

    The view from the portholes reveals giant mountain peaks seeking dominion in this godly realm. The pilot announces our imminent arrival at Leh at the end of a one-hour flight: “We will soon begin our…

  • brands-as-champions

    Brands as champions of integration

    Sri Lanka is transitioning into a middle income country. What does this mean for the advertising industry? What do you anticipate will be the major challenges for the industry of this transformation? Sri Lanka has…

  • invest_textiles

    Apparel exporters fund nanotechnology R&D in search for smart clothing

    Brandix, MAS, and Hidaramanis, three of Sri Lanka’s top apparel manufacturers, are developing ‘smart clothing’ – the market for which is set to boom – by funding joint research projects with SLINTEC, a government-sponsored nanotechnology…

  • Par

    A Ball Apart

    Nike may have found the perfect compromise between distance and control for amateur golfers with its ONE RZN golf ball. RZN (pronounced ‘resin’) is a polymer or chemical compound with elastic properties patented by Nike…

  • opinion_american-scene

    Volck(er) Wisdom?

    Following the U.S. financial meltdown in 2008 with its ensuing recession and Wall Street bailouts, Congress enacted the ‘Dodd-Frank’ Act in 2010, aiming to forestall future crises. The most comprehensive U.S. financial reform since the…

  • opinion_1

    Doing business in an ethnically divided land

    “The Government is failing to play the role of the impartial spectator as prescribed by political economist Adam Smith. Economy has no culture or religion. A Government needs to make investments and economic policy irrespective…