Articles Posted September 2012

  • DSC_9973

    Digital Ebullience

    Advertising had its beginnings and is still dominated by Anglo Saxon firms. However Publicis – a French firm – stands out for its global success in an industry dominated by the Americans and British. It’s…

  • JUKI-vector-01

    Stitching the Fabric of Reconciliation

    A feast of color greets the eye as one enters the factory floor. The seamstresses favor bright-hued blouses, skirts, dresses, and kurtas. Recent hires wear yellow head scarves while older hands wear blue. In January,…

  • 2012_04_13_IMG_1720

    Just Air

      Alternative energy generation notched up by a few points, with the addition of 30 MWs of wind power in August. The recent addition takes total energy from alternative sources (including mini hydro and biomass)…

  • Banking-Sector-Outlook-2012---27-JAN-2012-3

    Out of Credit

    Central Bank imposed lending restrictions will start to severely impact growth and profitability of small and medium sized banks and raise borrowing costs for subprime customers during the rest of the year.

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    Disruptive E-commerce, Finally Here

      “I don’t have to look at the future too hard because I know it will come hurtling at me anyway,” declares Chief Executive Reeza Zarook. is a paradox of out innovating, out…

  • android4

    Google’s New Duo

    By Dinidu de Alwis Google has a knack for introducing hardware which in turn would showcase what the company’s software teams have been working hard at. While the hardware comes from different companies, Google manages…

  • PitchforksandTorches

    Barbarians breach the gates

    Its splendor and grandeur wasn’t the price for the Vandals, Goths and Huns who came to conquer Rome. The barbarians instead were intent on destroying the magnificence, looting the wealth and debasing its system of…

  • IMG_9618

    The Last Brown Sahib

      It was the Chinese that started it,” says Herman, cigarette stuck in his mouth, striding lankily along the gravel path. “The Chinese emperors, about 5,000 years ago, got young virgins to snip tea buds…

  • mahela

    PAR – Mahela Jayawardene

    Closer to the top, everyone is on par (almost) and judging them on the same criterion becomes an exercise in adding decimal points to the end of the score to find any difference. Companies are…

  • BOC1

    Setting the Benchmark

    While the minutes ticked by, the group in the conference room waited for news from the other end of the world; from the capital markets of Singapore that were opening for business as New York…